In a breath was born the universe. Stretching to infinity, it has sown on its road stars trying to build a dawn where life could flourish. From this greatness arises a unique celestial star whose destiny was going to create a perfect harmony between two beings. This whirl of feelings was crystallized in an invincible purity bringing the most beautiful of all symbols. The diamond.

Gahlan’s philosophy was born of this same passion. We want to share this symbol so as to offer diamonds at prices affordable to all. Our jewels, set with 100% natural stones and accompanied by their GIA certificates, are of very high quality and meet the strictest standards in order to guarantee the perfect quality and brilliance.

Gahlan, offering a choice of more than 650 in-store display models and prices up to 60% cheaper than the competition, is positioning itself as the leader in diamond-based products in Switzerland.

Come and share these moments in our store where we will be at your service to make you live this experience. We offer a highly personalized service and we will accompany you in the search for your ideal jewelry. The acquisition of an engagement or wedding ring is a delicate process which must satisfy two people. We will then endeavor to guide you to find this gem that will seal your union forever.

Gahlan also offers various collections around the diamond. You will be able to celebrate the birth of your child with a nice bracelet, to offer or to offer yourself a pendant, a necklace, a bracelet or earrings. With our Gahlan Mode range, you will also find modern and trendy jewelry that will accentuate your look to make it unique. No doubt yuu will distinguish yourself in the most beautiful way.

To all the gallant men committed to the path of love, never forget that the woman is the only gift that chooses you.