Gift Card


With a Gahlan Gift Card, you can send someone store credit that can be redeemed on our website OR in our physical shop location. Use the settings below to specify an amount and a recipient. Once you checkout and your payment has been received, the recipient will be notified by email an instructed on how to redeem their gift.

Gift cards CAN be partially redeemed in cases where the card amount is greater than the purchase.  The balance of the card can be checked at any time on your My Account page under the Gift Card Balance menu option.  Each card comes with a unique ID number that can be used to check the balance or redeem the value during checkout.

NOTE:  The recipient of the card will be notified immediately following your checkout, so if you wish to send them their gift at some future date, then it is better to list your own email as the recipient and then forward our gift card email to the real recipient when you are ready.

Delivery Time: available immediately after receipt of payment
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